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“ ..the STORMRAIL system that has been installed in Palmerston North to protect the 8 Capital Connection cars from graffiti attacks has been 100% successful. Since the system went live over 12 months ago the train has been totally free of graffiti.


Originally the train was stabled on the same road as it is now, in front of the Palmerston North station but due to graffiti attacks was moved to the marshalling yards. This track in the marshalling yard was required for other purposes and the decision was taken to move the train back to its original storage track in front of the Palmerston North station.


Before the move the STORMRAIL system was installed and since then despite a number of activations there has been no graffiti on the train. Without STORMRAIL we would have been hit at least twice a month. ”


Neil Buchanan | GM Property and Commercial | KIWIRAIL




“ Our wall at the end of the school was getting tagged every day. We were spending approximately $625 per month on chemicals let alone labour to clean it up.


We installed a STORMWALL system and we have had no graffiti at all for over 6 months now. The wall is clean and we have just purchased another system.


The STORMWALL is a great investment. It stops the graffiti, is environmentally friendly, pays for itself and saves me money. ”


Shontell Tupe | Facilities Manager | Kia Aroha College, Auckland






“ We were spending $500 per month cleaning graffiti (mainly spray can graffiti) off the concrete walls of our storage facility in central Hastings. This included labour and materials. The graffiti just never stopped. The Councils said immediate removal was the answer but it felt like all we were doing was providing a clean surface for the graffiti vandals. We installed our Stormwall in 2008 and we have not had to clean the concrete walls since. The graffiti has stopped.”


Tal Weizman | USTORE Self Storage | Hastings, New Zealand





“Initially, our insurance company was paying out for us to have our building walls (that had been covered in graffiti) cleaned and/or painted over, but when one bill to the insurance company topped 15K, they said NO MORE. I had a STORMWALL installed in 2006 and have had no cleaning bills for my vandalised walls and neither has my insurance company. We both couldn’t be happier.”


Neville Rapley | Tisco Electronics | Hastings, New Zealand

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